Start The Day with Saying YES

Sammy Wan
2 min readNov 27, 2020

Writing Experiment Day #4

Photo by Jaime Lopes on Unsplash

It feels good.

Saying yes to myself, and saying yes to my inner desire to write.

Why is it so easy to say yes to others but so difficult to say yes to ourselves?

Our needs, wants, desires and dreams — they are all of value and deserve a priority. As I unpack deeper into my thoughts and patterns of behaviour, I realised how much of it holds in me being afraid to ‘not succeed’. I took courage but never allowed myself to fail, to fully try and explore. I was quick to judge myself and the inner critic was overpowering me.

And that’s what I’m loving about these ‘notes for self’ series of writing. There’s absolutely no judgement, no boundaries, no pressure for myself. I just write freely, whatever comes up, and solely for the joy of myself and hopefully someone picks it up and will find it useful as well.

To my pleasant surprise, people have been picking it up and it continously builds confidence in my voice. It took a lot of courage to start sharing my own thoughts, where I initially hid behind an anonymous name but I realised I need to do myself justice, and by me showing up as myself I am able to overcome my limiting beliefs and show up for others as well.

There’s been lots of things going on in the world and my my own life, but I want to cultivate this new practice and connection to myself, to my writing. I want to stay open to experiences and not be afraid of whatever that comes along the way. I want to say YES to myself and all the beautiful experiences that will unfold. What will you say yes to today?



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